Why You Should Take Self-defense Classes

No one wants to feel powerless in any situation. Safety is the most important aspect to daily life and is an innate human desire. In the routine of everyday life, it is easy to feel in control, safe, and therefore unaware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, it is times like this that are actually the most common instances when people are attacked or assaulted. In a situation where you are facing a threat to your life, a loved one’s life or even your property it was important that you have the confidence and preparation level to deal with the situation. When you face a situation in which you are in immediate danger, your adrenalin is pumping in your system and it is difficult to focus. Only training and preparation can help one master the technique of self-control and proper action when facing imminent danger.

Self-defense classes can be very instrumental in providing the reassurance and the sense of control that one needs to survive dangerous situations. Many people tend to relate self-defense classes to women and children. The truth, however, is that everybody needs self-defense classes. Not only will these classes give you the capability to deal with unsafe situations, it will also instill vital life skills.

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The biggest benefit of going for self-defense classes is the confidence that you will be building in yourself. Before joining self-defense classes, many people suffer from fear and uncertainty. Indeed, lack of self-confidence is a problem that many people point out to be a problem that they always have struggled with. When you get into self-defense classes, the skills that you gain help you gain some sense of control not only in dangerous situations but your life as a whole.

Another great life skill that you can learn at self-defense classes is self-discipline. Self defense classes punctuality and discipline. The biggest part of the lesson will be in the practice itself. When learning any form of martial arts one has to engage in a lot of practice, some of which might be very hard to carry out. Your teacher will help guide you through the right steps and encourage you to have the discipline needed to learn the right way. The practice and repetition will require some to take steps towards self-discipline they have never tried before.  This kind of self-discipline is invaluable and will also help you in other places in your life.

As mentioned earlier adrenaline is a hormone that most of us are just not equipped to deal with. Most people simply take to running when faced with danger and when they cannot do that they feel that they cannot do anything else. However, in self-defense classes, encompass with the skills to compose yourself even in the most dangerous situations. Such composure once gained will enable you to assess the situation ad make an informed decision on the best form of action for the situation. The main guide is to scream, strike, and run.

Goal setting, a crucial life skill can also be learned through taking self-defense classes. When practicing, one has intentionally to set goals as to the specific moves to learn. You will then have to go through the hard task of learning the skill until you completely get it. This process will help you develop the drive needed to undertake any work not only in the class but also in life. Self-defense classes are truly important so that you can learn to not only defend your life in threatening situations, but so that you can also learn important life skills.

Simple self-defense moves that could save your life

Although many of us can boast of having a high level of security in our neighborhoods, robbery and muggings rates remain stubbornly high in many areas. Even when the police put their best men on the job, there is still the chance that you or someone you know will fall victim to robbery or just regular street violence. Because of this, there is a need for one to well-prepared for any situation, should they happen to you. Self-defense classes are a great way for one to acquire the skills required to deal with dangerous situations no matter where you are. The classes are a comprehensive module of some moves you can quickly master that can help you immobilize your assailant. Some of these moves are very complicated and require a lot of time and dedication to master, but there are some that you can quickly learn on your own. They are simple moves but can be vital when faced with danger.

A show of confidence is essential even when confronted with a dangerous situation. A study by psychiatrists found that displaying the right body language can scare away thugs who might have thought of robbing you. To present this show of confidence you can walk with your head held high looking ahead rather than looking down with slump shoulders. When the get the sense of confidence in you, then they will think more than twice about hurting you. The truth is most thugs are themselves not as skilled or confident as they may seem at combat, thus when they see a person that looks more skilled or dangerous than them, they will be less likely to touch you.

However, if the situation comes down to a physical battle, the first thing one has to do is to compose themselves. Once you are a bit calmer, you can think clearly on the next course of action. This ability to remain calm is taught even in the military where soldiers are trained to stay calm as they are subjected to some life-threatening conditions. The challenge is in mastering the flight or fight hormone adrenalin. Once you do that, then you can harness the big burst of energy that comes with it.

Many assailants start by grabbing you from behind at the neck. If this happens to you, then you can try throwing your head as far back as you can with as much force and speed that you can master. You should, however, be careful not to hurt your neck in the process, aim for your assailant’s nose bridge. The assailant will then have to let go of you so as to grab his nose, you then have a chance to escape.

Another weak spot that you can take advantage of is your assailant’s windpipe, more specifically the Adam’s apple. This is a very sensitive part of a human male and can buy you a lot of time if you manage to hurt them well enough. For maximum pressure to the Adam’s apple, you can jerk your finger and not your whole hand at the Adam’s apple. When you hit him on the Adam’s apple, it has the effect of blocking the windpipe forcing them to grab hold of their necks as they struggle to inhale. Other pressure points such as the chin, the eyes could be used so as to impale your attackers to give you enough time to escape. If your attacker is male, which is most likely, a kick to the growing area is also very helpful. These simple moves should allow you to have basic defense tactics to help in a dangerous situation.

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